Forum Panel Discussion

24 Jul 2019

Forum Panel Discussion

“Singapore 4.0: Research, Innovation and Enterprise for Humanity”


In 2016, the Singapore Government announced the launch of the S$4.5 billion Industry Transformation Programme (ITP), where Industry Transformation Maps will be developed for 23 strategic industries to address issues within each industry and deepen partnerships between Government, firms, industries, trade associations and chambers.

SUTD was established as a research-intensive university with strong research capabilities in both human capital and physical infrastructure. As part of its next phase of growth, SUTD will be establishing strategic collaborations with industry, Government and academia partners in four key areas: Aviation, Healthcare, AI/ Data Science and Future Cities.

These partnerships will build a tightly-knit research ecosystem that integrates research, education, and industry to produce graduates and researchers with multi-faceted skills and a holistic understanding of next-generation technology.


The Forum Panel will expand upon the discussion of a ‘Singapore 4.0’ and the need to reprioritise funding and resources towards new economic opportunities and national needs.

With this in mind, closer collaboration between industry, academia and the Government is necessary to realise the vision of a human-centric 21st century Singapore utilising a technologically-aided design perspective, given SUTD’s considerable expertise in marrying design and technology in both its pedagogy and research initiatives.

The Panel Members will also debate on upcoming research megatrends and the outlook for Singapore’s R&D in the next decade.