2019 Keynote Speaker – Prof Eugene A. Fitzgerald

President, New Enterprises and Ventures, ST Engineering
24 Jul 2019

2019 Keynote Speaker – Prof Eugene A. Fitzgerald

Prof Eugene A. Fitzgerald, SMART CEO & Director

Eugene A. Fitzgerald is CEO of SMART, MIT’s Research Enterprise in Singapore. His research work resulted in the discovery of high mobility strained silicon, the basis of the founding of his first company. He is a practicing researcher, serial innovator and entrepreneur and has founded or co-founded seven enterprises, including one that specialized in industry-corporate innovation projects. He is co-author of the book “Inside Real Innovation”.  He received his undergraduate degree from MIT in 1985 and his PhD from Cornell University in 1989.



“Innovation: A Collaborative, Societal Process”

From the 1930’s to present day, our research and development ecosystems have been defined by a linear concept of research to development to production to market.  With more global connectivity and higher industrial efficiency, we can now see that such a linear concept cannot optimally support our modern understanding of innovation process.  Potential market applications, technology and science, and implementation constantly interact and refine through a collaborative process that impacts the marketplace. We describe our efforts in fostering optimal innovation processes. Overlapping activity in industry, academe, and government is required for high innovation efficiency, creating excellence in industry and impact in society.