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ebm-papst SEA
Welcome to the world of ventilation and drive engineering. As a worldwide innovation leader in fans and motors with over 20,000 different products, ebm-papst has the ideal solution for virtually all air technology and drive engineering tasks. If we do not have it already, our 900 R&D and sales Engineers will work with you to develop a new one. Our company maintains a highly-skilled and experienced team of professionals that is ready to tackle your most difficult air moving challenges and offer solutions that meet your needs.

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CM Engineering Labs Singapore
CM Engineering Group provides System LSI design and wireless communication technologies. Our technology background spans analog/RF IC design, wireless communication system design, SoC/FPGA design, and, we possess many IPs in both hardware and software. CM Engineering is developing wireless sensor network platform called “Tele-Sentient”, with most of the necessary functions to create a wide range of IoT solutions.  CM Engineering Labs Singapore, as our R&D center, develops differentiated RF and embedded sensing technologies for the Tele-sentient platform.


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